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Darren Carter

Friday, October 13  @ 7:00PM

Show 1: 7pm / Show 2: 9:30pm
Darren Carter, also known as “The Party Starter,” is an American stand-up comedian and actor born in Fresno, California. He has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years with his unique style of comedy, which blends observational humor and physical comedy. Darren Carter’s hilarious Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts & podcasts have helped him amass over 200,000 followers worldwide. Carter’s comedy career began in the 1990s when he performed at open-mic nights in Los Angeles. He quickly gained recognition for his energetic stage presence and relatable humor, which led to appearances on popular TV shows such as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “Comedy Central Presents”, and “Premium Blend”. Over the years, Carter has released several comedy albums, including “Shady Side” and “That Ginger’s Crazy”. He has also performed live all over the country, including at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory &The Improv. In addition to his comedy work, Carter has also acted in several films and TV shows, including “Be Cool”, “Who Made The Potato Salad”, and “Love Chronicles”. He also hosts his podcast, “Pocket Party”, where he interviews fellow comedians & shares stories from his own life. Carter is known for his high-energy performances, infectious laughter & ability to connect with audiences of all ages & backgrounds. He continues to tour and perform regularly, bringing laughter and joy to fans across the country!

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