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Saturday, April 16  @ 7:00PM - 10:00PM

SIDE PEACE is a cover band based in Mesa, Arizona. Whether it be the classic sounds of 60s rock & roll, the angst & moods of 90s grunge, or the vibes from today’s pop landscape, SIDE PEACE can do it all. The band comprises musicians from four different generations, creating a dynamic sound new to some but familiar to most. SIDE PEACE’s Rhythm section features Mike Torres (drums), Mike Spallek (bass guitar/vocals), Anthony Spallek (guitar), also known as “WHITE SHADOW” & Andrew Settecase (guitar/vocals). Together, SIDE PEACE will make the good times roll all day & night for your viewing & listening pleasure. Fans of artists like The Beatles, The Cure, Poison, STP, Green Day & The Weeknd will love what SIDE PEACE brings to the table.