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Debi Gutierrez

Saturday, September 24  @ 7:00PM

Show 1: 7pm / Show 2: 9:30pm
Besides her many television appearances, Debi is best known for being an explosively funny comedian who takes her audiences on a high-energy, heart-warming roller coaster ride through the perils and delights of life, relationships & marriage. Peppered throughout her act are powerfully candid moments that seem to reach into the lives of everyone in the room – tugging at their heartstrings, nearly bringing them to tears. Then, with a twist & a turn, back into the reality of neighbor/mother/marriage-hood, she steers them back into another side-splitting tale from her life. When Debi isn’t hosting television or touring the country as a headlining comedian, motivational humorist, or keynote speaker, she’s busy living an action-packed life with her girlfriends, children & former Marine husband, who all provide her with tons of laugh-out-loud moments to pass on to her audiences.

For more info & to purchase tickets, visit stircrazycomedyclub.com.