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The New Funny Showcase

Tuesday, March 12  @ 7:00PM

The “New Funny” Comedy Showcase and Feedback Mic presented by We Major! Every year we get a lot of fresh new people to hit the stage to try out stand-up comedy. Some do it for friends, family, as a bet or even to scratch it off the bucket list. A few of these individuals will catch the “bug” and want to get on the stage as often as possible as they see potential in this new endeavor. There is an even smaller few who go on to be that next best thing to the comedy world. Who knows one of these comedians on this line up might be that person.

This is a showcase of those with the potential to do so. Each of these comedians with two years or less of comedy under their belt will be critiqued and given viable feedback by a panel of three judges on their set writing skills, stage presence, and delivery all in front of a live audience! Hopefully this feedback will be some useful information for them to continue to hone their skills!

For more info & to purchase tickets, visit stircrazycomedyclub.com.